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压缩 拖动到最左侧 显示8.0千字节每秒



噪声抑制(可选)默认或者拖动到最左侧 红字关闭状态

最大放大倍数(可选)默认或者拖动到最左侧 显示1.0










What are the bandwidth requirements?

From 0.9.1, this is highly variable, and mostly up to the user. With top quality, minimum latency and positional information sent, it is 144.0 kbit/s including the IP and UDP overhead. With 60 ms transmission delay, the lowest quality speech and no positional information, it is 15.8 kbit/s (again with IP and UDP overhead). The default quality setting uses 58.8 kbit/s. When comparing with other products, remember to compare the total bandwidth use and not just the bitrate of the audio encoding.

There are two parts to tuning the bandwidth; the audio bitrate per audio frame (e.g. 10ms) and the amount of frames to put in each packet. Each transmitted packet has an overhead of 28 bytes from IP and UDP alone, so at the highest transmission rate (100 packets per second), that is 2800 bytes of data for raw network overhead alone. You should try to find a balance that works well for you, but we generally recommend sacrificing high audio bitrate for lower latency; Mumble sounds quite good even on the lowest quality setting.

There is no way to adjust the amount of incoming bandwidth; you will have to have enough to sustain the total amount of speaking players. This should be a minor issue; most players these days are on asymmetric lines and hence it is only upload that is a bottleneck.







从0.9.1开始,这是高度可变的,并且主要取决于用户。凭借最高的质量,最小的延迟和发送的位置信息,它包括IP和UDP开销为144.0 kbit / s。传输延迟为60毫秒,语音质量最低,并且没有位置信息,传输速率为15.8 kbit / s(同样具有IP和UDP开销)。默认质量设置使用58.8 kbit / s。与其他产品进行比较时,请记住比较总带宽使用量,而不仅仅是音频编码的比特率。







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