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  1. 音频输入 压缩 拖动到最左侧 显示8.0千字节每秒 数据包音频量拖动到最右侧显示60毫秒18.2千比特/秒(音频8.0,位置0.0,开销10.2) 音频处理 噪声抑制(可选)默认或者拖动到最左侧 红字关闭状态 最大放大倍数(可选)默认或者拖动到最左侧 显示1.0 音频输出 可选默认设置 音量按照需求拖动高低 相关原文 What are the bandwidth requirements? From 0.9.1, this is highly variable, and mostly up to the user. With top quality, minimum latency and positional information sent, it is 144.0 kbit/s including the IP and UDP overhead. With 60 ms transmission delay, the lowest quality speech and no positional information, it is 15.8 kbit/s (again with IP and UDP overhead). The default quality setting uses 58.8 kbit/s. When comparing with other products, remember to compare the total bandwidth use and not just the bitrate of the audio encoding. There are two parts to tuning the bandwidth; the audio bitrate per audio frame (e.g. 10ms) and the amount of frames to put in each packet. Each transmitted packet has an overhead of 28 bytes from IP and UDP alone, so at the highest transmission rate (100 packets per second), that is 2800 bytes of data for raw network overhead alone. You should try to find a balance that works well for you, but we generally recommend sacrificing high audio bitrate for lower latency; Mumble sounds quite good even on the lowest quality setting. There is no way to adjust the amount of incoming bandwidth; you will have to have enough to sustain the total amount of speaking players. This should be a minor issue; most players these days are on asymmetric lines and hence it is only upload that is a bottleneck. 原文地址:https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/FAQ/English#What_makes_Mumble_better.3F 谷歌译文 带宽要求是什么? 从0.9.1开始,这是高度可变的,并且主要取决于用户。凭借最高的质量,最小的延迟和发送的位置信息,它包括IP和UDP开销为144.0 kbit / s。传输延迟为60毫秒,语音质量最低,并且没有位置信息,传输速率为15.8 kbit / s(同样具有IP和UDP开销)。默认质量设置使用58.8 kbit / s。与其他产品进行比较时,请记住比较总带宽使用量,而不仅仅是音频编码的比特率。 调整带宽分为两个部分:每个音频帧的音频比特率(例如10ms)以及每个数据包中放入的帧数。每个传输的数据包仅从IP和UDP就有28字节的开销,因此以最高的传输速率(每秒100个数据包),仅原始网络开销就是2800字节的数据。您应该尝试找到一个对您来说很好的平衡,但是我们通常建议牺牲高音频比特率以降低延迟。即使在最低的质量设置下,嘟umble的声音也相当不错。 没有办法调整输入带宽的数量。您将必须有足够的资金来维持口语播放器的总数。这应该是一个小问题;如今,大多数玩家处在不对称的路线上,因此仅上传是瓶颈。
  2. 原文地址:https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203629415-VPN-and-Proxy-Use VPN AND PROXY USE Updated February 06, 2020 18:05 While CCP does not endorse connecting to the server or web sites using a VPN or Proxy, the use of such services is not strictly forbidden. However, this can cause problems such as updating the client. It is also possible that the user may connect via an IP address that has a bad history with us. Should the use of the aforementioned services result in the account being suspended due to suspicious connection history, or preemptive security measures, please contact Player Experience via Support Tickets Ultimately, it is recommended that users avoid the use of such services unless absolutely necessary and that the user does so at their own discretion while being aware of the potential risks associated with doing so. ATTACHMENTS VPN和代理使用 2020年2月6日更新18:05 尽管CCP不认可使用VPN或代理连接到服务器或网站,但并不严格禁止使用此类服务。 但是,这可能会导致诸如更新客户端之类的问题。 用户也可能通过与我们有不良历史记录的IP地址进行连接。 如果使用上述服务导致帐户由于可疑的连接历史或先发制人的安全措施而被暂停,请通过支持票证联系Player Experience 最终,建议用户避免使用此类服务(除非绝对必要),并且用户应自行决定是否使用此类服务,同时注意与其相关的潜在风险。 以上为谷歌翻译内容 信息来源:https://goonfleet.com/index.php/topic/290293-using-a-vpn-to-alleviate-ddos-connection-issues/
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