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EVE Online Scope:Nullsec Blackout

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Lina Ambre 报道说,SCC 宣布其流体路由器网络正受到威胁,胶囊用户应该为 NullSec 不可避免的通信中断做好准备。漂泊者似乎也加大了攻击力度,瞄准的不仅仅是建筑,这也增加了 NullSec 权力集团的担忧。

Lina Ambre reports as the SCC announces that its Fluid Router network is under threat and that Capsuleers should prepare for an inevitable communication blackout across Nullsec. The Drifters also seem to have ramped up their attacks, targeting more than just structures, adding to growing concern among Nullsec power blocs.



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