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EVE Online Scope:最新消息:Drifter入侵 Breaking News: Drifter Invasion

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Alton Haveri报道了Drifter入侵Null Sec空间的消息。 除了正在进行的特拉维拉入侵之外,新伊甸园现在面临新的攻击,漫游的Drifter袭击舰队已经确认已经出现在70多个星系中。 到目前为止,胶囊剂以及低功率和脆弱的结构都已成为目标。 进一步未经证实的袭击报告继续从Null Sec涌入。

Breaking News: Drifter Invasion

Alton Haveri reports as news breaks on the shock Drifter invasion of Null Sec space. In addition to the ongoing Triglavian invasion, New Eden now faces fresh attacks with roaming Drifter raiding fleets confirmed to have appeared in over 70 star systems already. Capsuleers, as well as low-powered and vulnerable structures have all been targeted thus far. Further unconfirmed reports of attacks continue to pour in from Null Sec.


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